Great Bird Toys You Can Make
             For Large Birds
directions and ideas from Linda Middleton of
One of the best preening toys is the home-made Cotton Mop Toy.   Here is what you will need (Walmart is where I find these items.)

*O'Cedar 100 percent Cotton Mop Replacement Head
*Flex Neck Soda Straws
*Paper Cupcake Cups
*Jumbo Big Hole Beads (craft section of Walmart)
*Sucker Sticks (Craft section of Walmart with cake icing coloring)
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Safety tip- always place cotton rope based toys on or near the sides of the cage so the parrot can hang onto the side if he needs to.
Directions- Remove all metal from the mop head and discard.  Cut the size large mop head into 3 bundles,  a size medium into 2 bundles.  Gather in the middle of the long strands in each bundle and tie tightly to a quick link.   See photo.
For Cockatiel/Conure sized birds, cut the strands to app. 6-8 inches in length and follow the directions adding smaller beads and candy paper cups instead of cupcake cups.
Once the mophead bundles are tied to the quick link,  decorate each strand with an item like a bead.  Flex the soda straws at the neck and tie them onto the strands at the neck.   Paper sucker sticks are big hits here,  just wedge them into the knots or beads around the toy.
You can use other toys, beads,  even paper Dixie Cups (poke a hole in the bottom of the cup to string it) on this mop toy for variety. 
Soda Straw Foot Toy
Gather a bundle of plastic soda straws and tie in the center very tightly.  Then crimp them into a circlular pattern as shown.
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               PLASTIC LID TOYS
All you need are parts, leather or sisal or cotton mop strings, and plastic lids.  Make several and put some away for a rainy day.

Never waste a plastic lid at your house.  It can be washed and turned into a great foot toy for larger birds or hung in the cage for smaller birds after it is decorated.  The toy has parts on both sides.  Tie on beads, shapes, planes, ABCs, etc.

Here is what you will need:
Large Quick Link  (Smaller for small bird)
Cotton, leather, or plastic rope-2 stringing lengths
2 Cut-outs like the large rabbits shown or others
Toy Parts or beads, drilled or bored to fit the rope
Directions  With the quick link open,  tie the 2 stringing lengths onto the bottom of the link at midway point leaving 4 strands hanging down.  Next,  tie on the cut outs from side to side as shown.   Then string your toy.   When finished,  hang by the quick link and close it with pliers to be sure it is good and tight on the cage.
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